1. How can I register my CV?
    Create an account in our database at registration and upload your CV as Word document or PDF file.
    Your CV will be transferred to our database for further checks and matching criteria.
  2. Are my data kept confidential?
    Yes, your data is kept completely confidential. This is EJADAH’s company policy.
  3. What are the fees for the recruitment service?
    For candidates our service is offered absolutely free of charge.
  4. What is the selection procedure?
    We select the best matching skills for the job.
    If you do not apply for a specific job and we get your CV online, you will get a confirmation email that your CV was successfully transferred to our database. An EJADAH recruitment consultant may contact you to ask you some further question concerning your career expectations, but this is not mandatory. If we have a job opening at the time of the CV upload and if your skill set is matching the job criteria, we will get in touch with you.
    If no job opening for your skill set is available at the moment, we will keep your CV in our database for the next upcoming possibility.
  5. How does the Follow Up on interviews work?
    We will call you when an employer notifies us about a need for an interview.
  6. Can I recommend a friend for a job posting?
    Your are more than welcome to refer any friend, relative or co-worker, who might fit into the job qualifications.
  7. Do I get automatic information about job postings?
    At the moment we are not sending email newsletters to our prospects. You can find actual job openings on our website under Hot Jobs.
  8. How would I know the salary assigned for the job?
    We do not release employer and salary information at the first interview. After the second interview you will get further information about salary and benefits.
  9. Can I contact the employer myself for inquiries?
    No, preferable through us.
  10. Are my travel expenses covered by the employer for the interview?
    Yes. Prior consent from employer is required before committing any travel expenses.

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